HHC - Hammer Cell device with gel pump and trolley
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A revolutionary new technique to deal with quickly and resolving the problem of cellulite; a treatment easy to implement and completely painless and safe.
This new technique, of compressive massage at the micro-vibration, acts directly on the panniculus adiposus cellulitic exerting a compressive massage that goes to strike in a selective way the adipose cells, reactivates the metabolism physical for a quick functional balance with a consequent maintenance of results.
The compressive technique to reduce the adipose tissue, carries out a direct action on shoots of support of the dermis with a consequent lifting effect / toning of the skin, eliminating any possible flaccidity due to draining.
2 - 5 sessions can be conclusive for a good survey practice, optimum execution of a drain cycle intercalated and subsequent meetings.

Hammer Cell web site
Hammer Cell web site
Hammer Cell web site

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