HPV7 - Pressomasaje de 20 sectores y fajas InfraRed
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HPV7 - Pressomassage device with 4 bands for legs, 2 bands for arms and 1 band for abdomen, for a total of 20 sectors of work. Every band / sector is heated and the temperature is adjustable in an independent way as also the level of the pressure.
A noiseless, simple and practical device to be used for a pressomassage to the inferior limbs and to the abdomen, with Velcro fastening the fasteners which allow a fast assemblage and personalized with a saving of time and increase of the operational efficiency, it performs a lymphatic drainage acting superficially with a continuous and progressive pneumatic pressure to the various sectors.
Pressomassage can be used in order to deal with different pathologies, in particular it is a good therapy in the congenital and post-operating linfoedemis, in the edemas caused by muscle inactivity and for the cool-down of the limbs.

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