HRemKav - Cavitation device with trolley and gel pump
ATTENTION: discontinued product / not available

Ultrasound device with low frequencyc cavitation effect.
The RemKav device is an evolutive application of the Lipo Sculpture technique for surgical use. This technique we have developed in the '90s have always been our pride. Today with RemKav we have taken a further step forward as we have made this technique easy to use also in aesthetical field with a painless and safe application. The emission of the ultrasonic waves on the body, through an micromechanical effect, cause the breakup of the more fragile cellular structures which are the lipidiches one..
Many competitors talk about stable cavitation that however have little which is functionally stable, RemKav has a nonstop work emission with 100% of working time (non-pulsed / modulated), RemKav has also a system of auto tuning which maintains the operational efficiency stable, the device incorporates an original and innovative system of automatic control of the gel during the use of the device ...

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