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H1V2 Electronic lymphatic drainage device - New on trolley.
BLA07 Nuovo BLA System, analizzatore livelli corpo con Tablet 7''
BLA08 Nuovo BLA System, analizzatore livelli corpo con Tablet 8''
BLA10 Nuovo BLA System, analizzatore livelli corpo con Tablet 10''
HBPS Apparatus Bio Photon Stimulation with 4 plaques to body contact.
HBPSc BPS apparatus with 4 plaques body, handpiece face and trolley
HDL808 Apparecchio Dipilazione Laser a Diodo da 808nm.
HDOS Apparecchio dispencer prodotti cosmetici con ozono ed ossigeno.
HES Nuovo Apparecchio corpo Energy Slim a placche IR sottili.
HHC2 Nuovo Hammer-Cell Compressive Microvibration System V2.
HO2BP1 Apparatus for treatments to concentrated oxygen > 93%.
HO2BP2 Apparatus for treatments to concentrated oxygen > 93%.
HO2BP3 Apparecchio per trattamenti ad ossigeno 3l puro > 90%.
HPV7 Presso massaggio 20 settori con gambali e fasce InfraRed.
HPV7T Presso massaggio Touch 20 settori con gambali e fasce IR.
HRFM3 Apparecchio Radio Frequenza Capacitiva con elettrodi NL.
HRFM3B Nuovo Apparecchio R. Frequenza Capacitiva con elettrodi NL B
HSD Nuovo Apparecchio SlimDetox per Slim e Depurazione corpo.
HSHAPE Apparecchio Multi-Funzione per massaggio endodermico a rulli.
HSKIN2 Nuovo apparecchio per dermoabrasione cutanea con corindone
HUSB2 Apparecchio Ultrasuoni Beauty 1MHz con 2 testine.
HUSc2 Apparatus Ultrasounds Skin Cleaner digital device 006 with timer.
HUVP1 Portable high Frequency device with 4 Electrodes.
H0 electronic lymphatic drainage device
H1 Electronic lymphatic drainage device-SYSTEM CARD
HBCS Hydro-colon-therapy device for home use.
HBIR Apparecchio Beauty InfraRed - rimodellamento corpo 4 placche MIR.
HBM BODY MODEL treatment device
HBS Device for localised draining and toning treatment
HCELL Needle Electrolipolysis Device
HCRYOC Apparatus for Cryo Therapy with 2 plaques and 1 handpiece.
HDA hair removal device, 1 thermolysis generator
HDCX Hair removal device, 3 generators
HDERM Wrinkle treatment device
HFCX Facial/body cleaning device
HHC Hammer-Cell Compressive Microvibration System.
HJ1 1 channel iontophoresis device
HJ2 2 channels iontophoresis device
HJ4 4 channels, iontophoresis device
HJS1 1 channel iontophoresi and stimulation device
HJS2 2 channels iontophoresis and Stimulation device
HKDF kit for facial and décolleté draining
HO3FSM Whirlpool foot with sterilization system./font>
HPV0 V0 pressomassage device
HPV4 9 sectors Pressomassage and vibro-massager.
HPV5 6 sectors Pressomassage and InfraRed bands.
HPV6 18 sectors Pressomassage and InfraRed bands.
HREMS Ultrasound and liposculpture device
HREMKAV Cavitation device with trolley and gel pump.
HRFM Radio Frequency device with EL / NL electrodes.
HRFM2 Apparecchio Radio Frequenza con elettrodi NL.
HS1 1 channel Stimulation device
HS2 2 channels stimulation device
HS4 4 channels Stimulation device
HSKIN Skin dermabrasion device
HUS0 Ultrasound device
HUSB Beauty Ultrasound device manual cavitation.
HUV UVB stimulation device
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