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  In this section you can find the answers to the most frequent asked questions, for any other information or explanation please contact us.  

> No, no registration is required , the prices are of public domain and in a few steps orders can be made.


> Select the product of interest and proceed with the direct purchase.


> To open the link Products there is, to the right, the list of all of our equipments (old and new), there is, to the left, a menu with the list of the separated products for category, at the bottom there is the possibility to search a product by code, at the bottom there are the links to our catalog and other links to products catalogs and distributed accessories.


> Open the Products link, on the right there is the list of all of our equipments (old and new), push on the initial in order to visualize the product details, bottom right select 'Accessories' in order to have the complete list ...


> Open the Products link, select the list of category of the product and proceed with the visualization of the specific card.


> on each product profile, bottom right, it is shown the price of the product, if the product is available there is a box to indicate the requested quantity and a key >Purchase< to proceed directly to the purchase.


> Proceed for a product you’d like to purchase as previously suggested by making the procedure again for all the products your are interested in; you don't have any additional cost and the products will be sent together in one dispatch.


> On the product file, bottom right, there is the 'Info' link that links you to a page with a specific form, here you can make your requests.


> The price listed on each product includes tax and shipping cost within Italy, no other cost is charged unless you require different services..


> On each product profile, bottom right, it is shown the price of every single product. For products visible on the catalogs, you can fill in the form on the right to request personal prices and quotations; fill in all the fields and detailed the request stating the name or the code of the product of your interest.


> For the purchase of more products and/ or for great amount it is possible to have discounts that, if you have chosen the direct purchase, we will automatically reward You with the addition of inherent further products.


> According to the case, we will also evaluate this possibility and we will give you instraction on how to do.


> This method of payment allows to defer the cost, of a certain amount, in 2 or more installments by monthly payments; you immediately pay the first installment and then every month you will pay the instalment agreed. To get to this procedure of deferment it is necessary to register with PayPal that manages the transactions of the payments, this registration is free and it also allows other benefits like the chance to make payments without introducing and checking your credit card details again and without writing again your data..


> You should contact us, send us or communicate us your request and the list of products, we will provide you with forms and guidance about it. The choice of On-line payment by credit card allows us to quicken the process of elaboration of your order..


> Payments are made over a secure server with 128 bit encryption through a SSL connection to PayPal, this method guarantees reliability and safety.


> When an order is sent you will immediately receive a confirmation e-mail, if there are doubts or problems for the supply, you will receive a mail or a phone call from our staff.


> For equipments and correlated accessories, if the order arrives before 12 o’clock of a working day, the dispatch departs that day and the delivery is made the following working day.


> If there are delivery delays or problems related to the products received, please contact us by mail or telephone and shortly you will have information in order to solve the problem.


> Contact us by mail or by telephone, we can together find the right solution, and you will receive a correct explanation.


> Each of our product / device is Directly guaranteed from us, we give warranty and spare parts for the products out of production. The terms of initial warranty are of 1 or 2 years as from European law.


> Contact us by mail or by telephone, please explain your problem or your need, and you will have the right explication.


> Contact directly our distributor or representative, if you don't get the correct answer please do not to hesitate to contact us.


> The lawest possible... According to our philosophy we don't make business on technical support, whenever it is possible we give priority as quick as we can. With regards to shipping, we give You instruction about one of our courier that will come directly to your house to pick the pack up free of charge, afterwards we will charge the cost of the courier which will result 50% inferior to what you would have spent by using a private one..


> The personal data will be used for commercial purposes, such as direct or promotional sales only within our company, they will not be used or communicated outside our Company. The preservation and the management of the data is the subject of current legislation..


> Our commitment and helpfulness to meet your needs and request is always improving:
For our products and services the quality is always guaranteed.
Fair prices and also favourable. Price and quality are 2 important things, first we take care of the quality and then we also relate the price.
Fast shipping, 24 hours throughout Italy, 2 - 3 days throughout Europe, 3 - 4 days in the rest of the world.
Customer service always available to deal with problem and solve them.
Qualified personnel is always available to answer your question or request.

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