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TEM Beauty has a dynamic and evolving team, open to young people and to professionals highly motivated to share their resources and capabilities. TEM Beauty intends to establish a continuous dialogue with all those who want to give us opportunities to collaborate, both in technical and commercial, we are a technical company that 'truly’ produces, we are open to accept interventions, suggestions, ideas for the development of new products.
Would you like to work with us? We are currently looking for, in Italy and in foreign countries, distributors, concessions, representatives, agents, importers, demonstrators and promoters for the marketing, distribution, assistance of our products. The research is aimed to people who can organize their work independently, after a period of training in our company.
To begin the collaboration please fill in the form you find to the right with your data and tell us your interests and abilities to relate to our business. You can also send us a CV and some original texts to:
List of our requests/ offer/ demand:

- We are currently looking for dealers / retailers for the distribution of our products in areas not covered yet.
- We are currently looking for Sole Agents or Multifirm for a wiespread presence on areas not yet covered.
- We are currently looking for Sole Agents or Multifirm in the field of professional beauty; beauty centers, wellness, hotels... for expansion of the sale network in Italy and in other countries in the world.
- We are currently looking for importers for the distribution of our products in countries outside Italy.
- We are currently looking for demonstrators to place side by side to the representatives or distributors in order to introduce the products in a better manner and above all to give a good training to the new buyer.
- We are currently looking for experienced authors for the realization of post for the blog Edit, presentation and products promotion and techniques on the web, a good knowledge of the main innovations of the field is requested. (Teleworking)
- We are currently looking for authors for the production of articles and techniques realized by our company and commercialized. (Teleworking)
- We are currently looking for translators and interpreters for texts translation and International collaborations (Teleworking)
- If you have a web site and you want to promote our products and receive a commission for every sale you make, please contact us and indicate us the URL of your web site; one of our staff will contact you as soon as possible.
PS: Every form of collaboration will be paid, directly or indirectly, as previously agreed.
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