HAL150 - Quartz ball sterilizer 65W 
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Steryls Glass 65W HAL150 and 90W HAT9007 They ara small ball of quartz sterilizers, designed and built for a quick dry sterilization of small sized instruments (milling cutters, root canal instruments, small mirrors, paper points, pipe vials, pliers, levers, scissors, turbines, cotton, etc ...) to a constant temperature of 245. C. Steryl Glass find applications in many fields, among which the dental division, medical industry (otolaryngology, podology) and aesthetical. The success of the dry sterilizers is due to their winning characteristics: immediate reuse of the instruments thanks to a quick and effective sterilization (only few seconds); maximum operator safety thanks to an excellent electric isolation; energetic saving determined by a good thermal insulation, guaranteed by the use of fibro-ceramic materials and by a thermostat that allows the automatic regulation of the temperature at a fixed level (245. C); reduced power consumption. The switching on is carried out through an illuminated switch, while the switching off of another light indicates that the device is ready to use and that the temperature is maintained at 245.C. Unlike the ordinary small ball of quartz sterilizers on the market, Steryls Glass are equipped with a removable container with edge, to facilitate the replacement of the small balls of quartz. Steryls Glass are furnished with a pack of balls of quartz and are built according to the current safety standards..

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