HAL754 - Germicidal Sterilizer UV 500 x 200 x 200 
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It is a convenient, efficient and aesthetic equipment for flash sterilization (from 5 to 10 minutes) of material not contaminated by organic substances (blood, saliva, etc ...).
The cold sterilization is obtained by original lamps that produce a discharge of ultraviolet rays which have a lenght of 2537 (germicidal lamp). The radiations of this wavelength not only have a high bactericide power but also emit ozone vapors which purify the air. This sterilizer is also suited for the long term sterile preservation of material previously sterilized in autoclave or heat dry sterilizer. It has an unristrected use which goes from general practitioner to medical specialist (pliers, probes, handles, etc ...) from the veterinarian to the obstetrician (bandages, gauzes), from nurseries to schools, colleges, industrial establishments, (in the infirmaries of the communities for the sterile preservation of dressing material such as pliers, scissors, small medical equipments, bandages, gauzes, etc ...) from the beauty salons to the pedicures (for the fast sterilization of brushes, combs, scissors, pliers, etc ...).
Technical characteristics
Ultraviolet Sterilizer
Width 50 cm, Watt 15
Depth 20 cm, Volt 220
height 20 cm

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