HASfb30 - Plantar hydro vibro massage with hydro bubbles 
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According to the principles of the traditional Chinese medicine, the foot contains, as in a map, an impressive number of points of reflected energy, corresponding to the all physical and mental functions of the entire human body. To take care of the health and the beauty of the foot, through regular sessions of pedicure, footbath and hydromassage, means a beneficial impact on the overall health of the body and mind.
Basin for foot bath "Whirljet"
Such instrument is considered a device for foot reflexology. In fact by massaging some points on the plant of the foot it is possible to stimulate the correspondents organs of the body, as in the foot terminate the 72.000 nerves of the human body (it is recommended to get information about foot reflexology from your own doctor). It can be used without water in position "massage"; otherwise pour around 3 liters of warm or cold water in the device until you reach the level of filling "Optimum." Before connecting the device to the power, the selector must be on "0". Lean your feet on the non-slip bottom deep without go up to it. Set the desired function with the rotating selector. Under the foot support is embedded the heating that keeps the water, which is already warm, still warm. The heating is not designed to heat cold water. Whirljet Beuer is provided with removable pumice stone to complete the pedicure. After around 10 minutes of relaxing footbath, the skin of calves, heels and big toes is ready for the pedicure. At the end of such operation, the skin on the tired points becomes smooth. To prevent the tank from getting dirty this operation has to be done away from the unit..

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