HApg4 - 4 adhesive electrodes package 45 x 35 
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4 adhesive electrodes 45 x 35 with Clips / Snap / Button junction package.
These electrodes are specific for all the commercial electro stimulators, they are adhesive and usually they do not leave residual on the skin after the use. If you store them properly after use, they can be used many times; the duration depends from the skin type and from the care you have in handling them. When the electrodes are not uniformly adherent to the skin or an irregular operation occurs, they should be replaced with new electrodes..
The dimension of the electrode has to be related to the area of application, the shape of the electrode is of no account for the result. In the case an annoying stimulation is found, please verify the integrity of the electrode, eventually replace it with a bigger one in order to distribute the stimulation in a better way.
If your electrodes are provided with a wire (TESMED type) look at the Haat adapters kit

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