HDA - hair removal device, 1 thermolysis generator
ATTENTION: discontinued product / not available

HARTUR DA performs a definitive depilation using a thin needle to insert at the base of the hair and by exploiting a radiofrequency process.
HARTUR DA is easy to use, it can be used on all skin types, on every type of hair and in every part of the body (also on delicate areas of the body as the face and the breast), it works with a very fast and effective system. Correctly used, it guarantees a good result with a very small regrowth of the hair (due mainly to the human error), it doesn't leave scars, it doesn't form hyperpigmentation, it doesn't provoke irritations and it is almost painless.
Unlike other techniques such as razors, wax depilation, scanning hair removers and laser, the treated hair won't grow anymore as it has been destroyed in the bulb at the root. The simple and handy use of the handpiece, together with the working technique of the device, offers a quick and excelent result of depilation..

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