HDERM - Wrinkle treatment device
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HARTUR DERM is a highly technology device that can be employed by medical staff using needles and by beauty specialists using lifting accessories, it makes possible to obtain excellent results in the treatments of skin-ageing and it can be a valid complement to the traditional cosmetic surgery.
In medical application it uses a new technique called electro-ridophoresis: through the use of one or more needles that act as electrodes, the treatment is performed directly on the wrinkle by provoking the formation of scar cells that will fill the wrinkle itself. The current carries out a stimulating action at muscular level and at the same time a controlled fibrous tissue generation.
in beauty treatments, by using specific accessories, skin-lifting treatments can be performed with the stimulation and remodelling of the area in question. HARTUR DERM is particularly effective on the face, which is made of a complex series of muscles, and on the body by stimulating and firming up specific muscle fascia.

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