HFCX - Facial/body cleaning device
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HARTUR FCX is a multi-function device that allows different treatments on the face and the body, from cleansing to peeling, from massage to stimulation.
HARTUR FCX is composed by three distinct stages:
AIR VACUUM, by using some glass cannulas, skin impurities can be aspirated, by cupping, a deep draining and stimulating massage can be carried, by using a glass bell-shaped accessory, superficial hyperemia is attracted and tissues are stimulated and revitalised. The accessory set also includes two bottles, one to be used during shower or bath that performs a filiform spraying action, the other a cloud-like spraying, used in order to apply liquid products and refreshing lotions.
MOTOR SPEED is a peeling device that by using a micro-motor and some brushes allows the skin to be deeply cleaned, removing dead surface cells. By applying specific abrasive brushes, dermo-abrasion can be performed which is useful for eliminating scars and abnormal skin growths. By using the softer brushes a more delicate type of peeling called 'gommage' which gives brightness and softness to the skin, can be performed.
AIR PRESSURE, alternating compression and suction action, performs a pneumatic massage that can be performed throughout the body, in particular it is suited for those areas of the body that do not have a muscle fascia, such as the breast and the scalp.

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