HJ2 - 2 channels iontophoresis device
ATTENTION: discontinued product / not available

HARTUR JS are a range of devices used for 'J' iontophoresis and 'S' stimulation'.
In its application in the field of beauty treatments, an increase trophic muscle by activating a gradual restoration of muscle tone in areas that suffer from hypotonia, can be obtained. The electrodes also act as catalysts in weight loss by helping the tissues to eliminate loclized fat accumulation and fluids. The use of iontophoresis, together with stimulation treatments, facilitates the hyperaemia and ionic exchange between tissues, facilitating the penetration of cosmetic products.
in the medical field, the following pathologies can be treated: post-traumatic conditions, the after-effects of immobilisation and paralysis from painful symptomatology with an analgesic effect. Its analgesic effectiveness, using a T.E.N.S. current, can also be used in dentistry, treatment of rheumatism, gynecology, in the treatment of sports injuries/conditions and in orthopaedics in the treatment of scoliosis and for many other painful conditions. By using iontophoresis, specific drugs can be diffused through the tissues in order to reach directly the affected area.

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