HRFM2 - New Radio Frequency device with NL electrodes
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Technology to reshape and to give harmony to the whole body.
HRFM Against the signs of skin aging; it actives a nonablative skin rejuvenation, non invasive, not traumatic for the whole body through biostimulation with a heating through the molecular movement.
The Radio frequency is a treatment that does not remove the superficial tissues but it manages the rejuvenation of the subcutaneous tissue. The radio frequency treatment consists in the emission of electromagnetic waves that cross the tissues stimulates the cells.
The Radio frequency has a softer action than the ultrasounds (mechanical energy) and above all compared to the Laser (focused bright energy) but also to the other systems of photo rejuvenation. This technique performs an indirect biological heating of the deep derma without involving the epidermis, it stimulates the microcirculation and the fibroblastis with the purpose to allow the formation of new collagene (fundamental in the connective tissue for the support of the epidermis), the treatment increases the density of the derma and from here there are the most important aesthetical benefits. Regeneration of the collagene: diseas linked to sagging skin can be treated and also the located adiposity. The treatment improves the cutaneous elasticity with a consequent toning up of the tissues, a real lifting effect.
The application is easy to use and it is not very invasive, it is painless and does not require any particular preparation of the part to treat. The only sensation felt is a light subcutaneous heat. It does not leave cutaneous signs, the skin phototype is of no account, there are no post treatment limitations for the sun exposure.

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