HUS0 - Ultrasound device
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HARTUR-US0 is an ultrasound device that uses continuous or pulsed ultrasound waves.
The ultrasound therapy consists in a micro massage with production and propagation of endo tissue heate.
in medical and physiotheraphy fields, HUS0 can be effectively used in cases of: contractures, dislocations, sprains, hematomas, arthrosis, arthritis, neuralgia, mastitis, sciatica, lumbago, post-traumatic conditions, bone decalcification due to osteoporosis, etc...
In sporting field it is particularly suitable to attenuate the muscular contractures as it has an analgesic actiona.
in beauty treatments surface treatments of stimulation of the part with previous infiltration for ultrasonic hydrolipoclasia are performed.
In order that the ultrasonic vibrations are equally distributed and conducted, a special Gel is used. Thanks to its structural properties, this gel allows a perfect combination between the head and the part of the body which needs to be treated..

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