HUV - UVB stimulation device
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HARTUR-UV is a device for skin biostimulation which uses UVB rays. It has a wide range of applications in dermatology and beauty treatments. It attacks skin impurities, and allows a deep cleansing, it also removes trace of cosmetics that are obstructing the skin's pores. It performs an anti-microbic and revitalising action and thanks to the disinfecting power of ozone, the skin remains healthy and elastic as well as radiant.
HARTUR UV has a specific bactericidal and fungicidal function, applied directly on the infected area, it eliminates the problem and its spreading.
the use of HUV in trichology, together with the application of specific products, help to deal with the most common problems in this field such as hair loss, hair fragility, seborrhoea, itchiness, dandruff and hair opacity.
in beauty treatments, HUV stimulates the tissues, it disinfects them and facilities the penetration of products.
A handy handle for UVB rays skin biostimulation, it finds a wide application in dermatology and aesthetic. Its use helps to eliminate skin impurities, it allows a more deep face cleaning and it removes all traces of cosmetic that obstruct the skin pores. Thanks to the ozone's disinfecting power, it keeps the skin healthy and elastic as well as bright, it has a revitalizing and anti-microbial action.

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