Accessorises list for H1 - Electronic lymphatic drainage device-SYSTEM CARD 
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H1V2P - Electronic lymphatic drainage device and Linfo-Fit
HACA - Italian network power supply cable 6A
HACARD - 150 magnetic cards package
HACAT - International network power supply cable Sk
HACAUK - UK power suppy
HACDL - Multi-cable for drainage, left
HACDPL - Multi-cable clamp for drainage, left
HACDPR - Multi-cable clamp for drainage, right
HACDPRL - Set of Drainage multiple clamp cables, right and left
HACDR - Multi-cable for drainage, right
HACDRL - Set of Drainage multiple cables, right and left
HACDRLBF - Set of Face multiple cables set with button power point for lymphatic drainage
HAF30 - Elastic band with velcro l 30
HAF60 - Elastic band with velcro l 60
HAF90 - Elastic band with velcro l 90
HAGSC - Rubber for heartbeat sensor
HAKH1 - Accessories kit for H1
HAP100 - 120x80 Conductive rubber plate
HAP160 - Conductive rubber plate 160x120
HAP50 - Conductive rubber plate 50x50
HAPG305 - 100 adhesive electrodes 120x80 in single wrapping
HAPG320 - 100 double-adhesive electrodes 55x80 in single wrapping
HAPG4 - 4 adhesive electrodes package 45 x 35
HAPG5 - 4 adhesive electrodes package 45 x 80
HAPG6 - 4 adhesive electrodes package 100 x 50
HAPG805 - 100 adhesive electrodes 160x80 in single wrapping
HAPG820 - 100 double-adhesive electrodes 160x55 in single wrapping
HAS100 - Sponges for plate Hap100 120x80
HAS160 - Sponges for plate Hap160 160x120
HAS50 - Sponges for plate Hap50 50x50
HASC - Heartbeat sensor
HASF - Set of drainage bands
HASP - Set of drainage plates
HASS - Set of drainage sponges
HATC1 - Remote control for H0, H1
HAV2Q55 - Trolley stand with stand and QHD55 monitor for Linfo-Fit
HAV2TLF1 - Suits complete with cables for Linfo-Fit connection
HAV2U43 - Trolley stand with stand and UHD43 monitor for Linfo-Fit

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