Accessorises list for HBM - BODY MODEL treatment device 
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HABBR1 - 2 cotton armbands for HBM
HABBT1 - Corset with armbands in TNT for HBM
HABBU1 - Cotton corselet for HBM
HABBU2 - XL cotton corset for HBM
HABKB1 - Boiler suits kit for HBM: suit, corselet and arm bands
HABKB2 - XL boiler suits kit for HBM: suit and corselet
HABTU1 - Cotton jumpsuit with foot for HBM
HABTU2 - XL cotton jumpsuit with foot for HBM
HABTU3 - Cotton jumpsuit without foot for HBM
HABTU4 - XL cotton jumpsuit without foot for HBM
HACA - Italian network power supply cable 6A
HACAT - International network power supply cable Sk
HACAUK - UK power suppy
HACPJ6 - Output cable 6 + 6 for HBM
HAPFC8 - 8 mt TL-H50 conductive strip HBM
HAPFC8E - 8 mt TE-H50 conductive strip HBM
HAS301 - 3 sector 24V electro-sauna
HAS302 - Heating panel for 24V electro-sauna
HAS304 - Cable for 24V electro-sauna and mat
HASP03 - PVC lining for 24V electro-sauna

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