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HAFB702 - 24 Vcc micromotor with spiral cable and DIN connector
HAHCM1 - Complete handpiece for Hammer-Cell
HAMBPS - Handpiece face for apparatus HBPS
HAMCD - Needle holder handpiece with lead for epilation device
HAMCM - Earth handpiece with lead for epilation device
HAMD - Handpiece for descaling HJ..
HAMD1 - Needle holder handpiece for HDERM
HAMD2 - Needle holder handpiece for epilation device
HAMLM - Handpiece head holder facelift for HDERM
HAMLM4 - Handpiece head holder 4M facelift
HAMM1 - Earth handpiece fo HDERM
HAMM2 - Earth handpiece for deep cleansing for HJ
HAMUS1 - Ultrasound Transducer handpiece for HUS0
HAMUS2 - Ultrasound Transducer handpiece for HUSB
HAPTT - Needle-holder Comb for HDERM
HAPZM - Ground clamp for depilator
HARFM1 - Handpiece for EL electrodes
HARFM2 - Handpiece for NL electrodes
HASBIR - Test Sensor for HBIR
HASHML - Complete L handle body for H-Shape
HASHMM - Complete M handle arms for H-Shape
HASHMR - Head L handle body for H-Shape
HASHMS - Complete S handle face for H-Shape
HASKH1 - Handpiece for HSKIN
HAUVM - Completed handpiece for HUV

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