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HAOA1 - Airbrush to 2 actions for oxygen treatment
HAOT1 - Cable replacement tube for airbrush oxygen
HAPBIR - MIR plate for HBIR
HAPBPS - RGB Contact plates for body with cable 240cm
HAPBSG - N1-N2 large multisector Plates for HBS
HAPBSG1 - N1 big Multisector plate for HBS
HAPBSG2 - N2 big multisectro plate for HBS
HAPBSM - N1-N2 medium multisector Plates for HBS
HAPBSM1 - N1 Medium multisector plate for HBS
HAPBSM2 - N2 medium multisector plate for HBS
HAPBSP - N1-N2 small multisector plate for HBS
HAPBSP1 - N1 small multisector plate for HBS
HAPBSP2 - N2 small multisector plate for HBS
HAPBSPG - N1-N2 small multisector Plates for HBS
HAPESF - Led Color Face Mask for Energy Slim
HAPESL - Slim plate L type size 100 Body for Energy Slim
HAPESM - Slim plate type M size 60 Body for Energy Slim
HAPESS - Slim plate S type size 40 Body for Energy Slim
HAPFC8 - 8 mt TL-H50 conductive strip HBM
HAPFC8E - 8 mt TE-H50 conductive strip HBM
HARFEN0 - NL round Electrode 30-00
HARFEN1 - NL round Electrode 30-01

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