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HABSS8 - Transformer set for extensive treatment for HBS kit
HAKBS - Accessories Kit for HBS
HAKDA - Accessories Kit for HDA
HAKDR - Accessories Kit for HDERM
HAKDX - Accessories Kit for HDCX
HAKFX - Accessories kit for HFCX
HAKH0 - Accessories kit for H0
HAKH1 - Accessories kit for H1
HAKJS1 - Accessories kit for one channel HJ, HS o HJS
HAKUS0 - Accessories Kit for HUS0
HAKUV - Accessories Kit for HUV
HAPKG7 - Complete Kit accessories with tubes and pouch for HPV7-T-TT
HARFKNL - Accessory Kit with 1 NL electrode for HRFM

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