H1 - Electronic lymphatic drainage device-SYSTEM CARD
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HARTUR ONE is a high technology device for electronic lymphatic drainage. It is used and gives benefits to the whole body and it is used in many fields of medicine and beauty treatments. Through a sequential electric stimulation, it facilitates and revives lymphatic circulation by reabsorbing interstitial fluids, it also increases muscle tone in a completely physiological way and in total respect for the heart rythm. This new technique facilitate adipose cell metabolism and eliminates local liquid retention, by draining the lymphatic veins that results in the elimination of human waste held in the body's tissues.
the wide field of application includes treatment of cellulite (by eliminating the causes behind it) the re-absorption of edematose and adipose retention, post operative rehabilitation for cases of mastectomy and rhinoplastic surgery, sports pathologies and/or traumatologies, toning of the muscle mass and other wider applications.
the device can be programmed for all its functions and it is equipped with a cardiac synchronisation system which allowes to obtain a better personalization of the treatments.
the total absence of contraindications makes the device particularly suitable for those who suffer from fragile or varicose veins where mechanical or manual treatment is not advised.
From the first application you will notice a reduction of the imperfection and the result achieved is maintained over the time.

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