HBCS - Hydro-colon-therapy device for home use
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The hydro colon therapy is the most recent and most technological development of the old clisteris. By being a refined version, it respects the body, it is not traumatizing and it is more effective as well as harmless, curative and relaxing at the same time.
The Body Clean System device is a practical aid to perform a treatment of the washing of the colon at home. It is a simple and practical device which does not require operators and it is easy to control by using the remote control furnished..
BCS for intestinal washing:
It inhales from a container (tank or holder) placed on the floor.
It Measures the amount / rate of water introduced into the colon.
It heats and maintains the temperature of the water constant.
It pumps normally the heated water.
A different and easy way to deal with practical problem at the root...
Suitable for all the problems linked to intestinal disorders:
Constipation - Colitis - Hemorrhoids - Allergies - Parasitic Infections - Poisonings - Halitosis -Headache, migraine - Tiredness, depression, stress, apathy - Hipotension, hypertension - Cellulite - Obesity, overweight - Acne, dermatitis - Wrinkles, color skin - hair loss - Impotence - etc etc ...
The hydro colon theraphy has a detoxifying curative effect for the whole organism.

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