HBIR - Beauty InfraRed device - 4 MIR plates body remodeling
ATTENTION: discontinued product / not available

This new technique exerts a strong slim action targeted and localized through the use of 4 flexible plates that fit to the part to be treated.
Each plate is composed by 1320 emitters IR - GaAs / GaAlAs IR Emitting High Diode Extra Radiant Power, linearly covers a surface of around 1250 cm2s with a dimension of 530 mm x 235 mm, the irradiation of cold infrared light is homogeneous on the whole surface of the plate. In comparison to the traditional commercial systems this new technique positively differentiates itself for many aspects:
_Greater performance of emission
_Improved linearity and diffusion of energy.
_Greater penetration in depth in the tissue.
_Shorter starting time work (less than 10 seconds compared to the thermal bands over 10 minutes).
_Less contraindications in practical use.
_Drastic reduction of working time (around 10 minutes against the 30 - 40 minutes of the traditional techniques).
_Total and immediate control of the emission.
_Possibility of utilizing and matching specific products for a faster and more efficient penetration and action.

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