HBPSe - Appliance BPS with plaques body and extended, handpiece face, trolley
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HBSP Biostimolation - BioPhotonStimulation With this new technique we hand to you a cold light with diode emission and these would stimulate the cells in depth to reactivate the production of fibreplasts, and force elastine, collagen and haluronic acid to multiply.
This very complex reactivation and regrowth of the dermis consequently shows an enormous improvement of microcirculation and remoistening of the tissue.
HBPS is a technique to be used for the whole body for stimulation, photon-reactivation without creating heat. This technique improves the status of the tissue without surgery.
Treatments and final results.
Medical usage: after infiltrations or injections with products like hyaluronic acid, vitamins, amino acids in order to improve the production of collagen and connective tissue and the whole skin appearance.
Esthetic usage: in connection with several products in accordance with the results to be achieved. Furthermore the HBPS is ideally be used in addition and to increase and improve even treatment of radio frequency MicroDermAbrasion, peelings, oxygen, ultrasound and many more.
The BioPhotonStimulation is a treatment which respects the natureof a humans body and therefore it will achieve long-lasting results.
The amount of treatments, which interval, the colour and the strength have to be chosen case by case from you.

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