HBS - Device for localised draining and toning treatment
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HARTUR BODY SLIM is an innovative device that by using a new technique devised by Tem Beauty, allows to carry out a localised and accurate stimulating action that eliminates fat saturation, it increases and improves blood circulation and oxygenation of the area treated, it drains toxic substances held in the tissues and tones up the muscle fascia. Application may be single or symmetrical and it has been greatly simplified thanks to the use of specific plates that have been designed for this purpose and are easy to apply; the electrodes on the plates act as catalysts helping the tissues to eliminate the accumulation of cellulite, improving circulation and oxygenation of the part of the body treated.
HARTUR BODY SLIM can be programmed to carry out different types of treatment on the part of the body to be treated; this is possible thanks to the combination of specific programs relative to the condition of the part to be treated.
From the first applications, both a reduction of mass and a muscle toning can be notice, the results achieved are maintained over the time and they can be extended if assisted by a lymphatic drainage applied specifically to the area in question.

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