HCELL - Needle Electrolipolysis Device
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HARTUR CELL is a device for medical use, specifically deviced for the treatment of cellulite. It uses a technique called electroliposis and can represents a valid complement to the top traditional cosmetic surgery. By using thin needles that act as electrodes, inserted in the subcutaneous fat in pairs at a distance of 2-4 centimetres, a localised slimming action is carried out, helping tissues to eliminate the deposits of fat and cellulite. The stimulation applied by the device also increases and improves oxygenation of the area treated, improves micro-circulation, enhances the drainage of toxic substances held in the tissues and finally, tones up and invigorates the muscle fascia.
the main areas to which this treatment can be applied are: thighs, hips, abdomen and face. According to the method, the area to be treated and the spread of the problem, different lengths of needles are used: from 8 to 15mm to stimulate the tissues (these needles are inserted perpendicular to the skin as in acupuncture), from 45 to 150 mm to dissolve the subcutaneous fat (the needles are inserted in parallel under the deep fascia of the dermis).
the excellent results obtained locally by using HARTUR CELL can be extended through a lymphatic drainage specifically applied to the area which needs to be treated.

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