HREMS - Ultrasound and liposculpture device
ATTENTION: discontinued product / not available

The ultrasound liposculpturing technique has now asserted itself as the valid alternative to the various diversified forms of liposuction.
REMSONIC is the first result of a long and continuous testing on the functionality and reliability of the technique.
The main advantages of the ultrasonic technique are referred to a minimal blood loss, to the respect of the vascular structures, to the selectivity of action with a minimal physical damage, to a lifting effect of the deep fascia of the dermis and at last, but not less important, it is easy to use..
The REMSONIC device, through a piezoelectric transducer connected to a titanium probe, allows the ultrasonic liposculpturing treatment to be carried out in an excellentl way, by dissolving the fat cells.
Great attention has been paid to the carryin out of the accessories; all the parts which make up the operating kit (transducer and the probes) are sterilizable in autoclave by using the standard surgical cycle.

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